Monday, February 8, 2010

Planned Obsolescence: Success Means Clients No Longer Needing Our Services

Many contractor/company relationships are dictated by the contractor’s ability to justify its services, and be retained for the longest possible time. While this makes complete business sense from a professional services perspective, and unless it’s an ongoing business issue being addressed, shouldn’t a contractor do such a good job that their services will eventually no longer be needed?

In pretty much any professional services sector, the answer is actually “no.” It is much easier for contractors to keep an existing client happy – and engaged for a longer period of time -- than fight to find new business.

As a provider of outsourced financial department services, I actually take a counter intuitive approach and believe in providing the financial backbone to allow a small- and/or mid-size company to spread its wings and fly -- without the need of our services.

Most small companies will eventually need to hire a CFO and/or a full-time accounting team, and they should if they are doing well. As such, before the start of our engagement, we clearly identify that changeover point and plan accordingly to transition to an in-house solution.

And, the reality is that we to develop a solid financial infrastructure to allow for our clients to one day out grow us. Once a company reaches this point, we have done our jobs. And, isn’t that what it’s really all about?

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