Friday, May 16, 2014

CPA Exam – A Big Hurdle to Overcome – Thank you, Dr. Borra!

It's CPA Exam Time.

After graduating from a college over two decades ago, my mission was to pass the CPA exam.

I was luckier than most in that I had a lot of time on my hands to study.  I was nervous about the entire process of taking the CPA exam (and new nothing about it...except most people did not pass the first time).

Then someone highly recommended Dr. Borra CPA review course.  It was a course that was given by a single person at a two different times/venues in the area.  Unlike other self study courses, you HAD to attend this course.  In fact, Dr. Borra recommended that students “double up” and attend both of the venues.

Dr. Borra used a sort of “Socratic Method of Teaching”.  By this I mean he was constantly calling on students to answer questions, stimulate thinking and drilling into our heads answers to test questions. 

Before taking the course, I thought I would probably take the exam a few times before eventually passing – that is what most people did. 

However, after enrolling in the class, I began to “up my game” by going to as many classes as possible after constantly hearing week after week that this test is passable in one shot…and I started to believe.

When it got closer to the test time, Dr. Borra brought in many people to give “testimonials”.  These were average people that would go up on stage and tell the class how they too passed the exam the first time.  These testimonials helped me to believe even more.  As a result of this belief, I studied even more.

Exam time!  After four long months of constantly studying and going to Dr. Borra’s class, I took the exam.  And, after three more months of waiting I got the results and I had PASSED THE ENTIRE EXAM.  Dr. Borra made me believe in myself and the power of self belief.  A few months later, I too went back and gave a testimonial.